Ergonomic Keyboards

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  1. Goldtouch V2 Keyboard

    Welcome to comfort 2.0. A proven design and years of longevity make the Goldtouch Adjustable Keyboard a leading recommendation among Risk Managers, Certified Professional Ergonomists, Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists. A key component of the Goldtouch Keyboard is the patented ball and lever locking design, which allows the keyboard to uniquely adjust to fit a range of body types, not just an average. It is the only... Learn More

  2. Maxim Keyboard

    The award winning Kinesis Maxim adjustable ergonomic computer keyboard is the only ergonomic keyboard licensed to use the Microsoft "combo" USB/PS2 technology. All Maxim keyboards are shipped as native USB, but include a PS/2 adapter for those systems that only have a PS/2 port. One keyboard now connects to any PC OS as well as legacy PS/2 systems.

    Much narrower and more versatile than "natural-style"... Learn More

  3. Freestyle2

    Accommodates a wide range of humans

    From small to tall and body types in between, the Freestyle Solo allows for maximum flexibility catering to each individual's unique needs.

    Narrow foot print for comfortable mousing and keying

    At only 15 3/8 inches wide the Freestyle Solo provides for close placement of any pointing device reducing over reach issues.

    Pivot... Learn More

  4. Penclic Numpad N2

    The new Penclic Numpad is for those of us who can't live without the numerical function. It is perfect to use with your laptop or connected to your Penclic Mini Keyboard.... Learn More
  5. Cleankeys Keyboard (CK3-15)

    CK3-15 has a smooth surface that’s free of deep grooves and gaps for germs to hide in, Cleankeys really is the world’s easiest keyboard to clean.... Learn More

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