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  1. Flexible Keyboard

    Flexible Keyboard is water resistant and virtually indestructible. Its keys are not tactile so very little pressure is needed to activate the keys. Flexible Keyboard can be rolled up for storage, a great advantage for portable use or more desktop space. It is available in two sizes, Large includes Numpad or Small NO Numpad and is USB compatible.... Learn More
  2. Keyboard with Keyguard, USB

    The Keyboard with Keyguard isolates the keys, which helps to stabilize and position fingers or pointers. The keyguard is attached to the keyboard eliminating the guesswork of matching up a keyguard to a keyboard. The keyguard is reinforced for stiffness. It is made of unbreakable, clear, .125 inch thick Lexan (a plastic material). The keyholes are smoothly finished and perfectly aligned with each key.... Learn More
  3. TouchFree Keyboard

    This new new keyboard is designed to remove most of the causes of keyboard related pain and injuries. If you are hurting, it can let you resume your productivity without the pain. If you type a lot, it avoids some tiresome and harm happening to your hands. If you are a game player, it lets you trigger the gun a bit faster...... Learn More

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  4. TacType (ikeyboard)

    The TacType (iKeyboard) solves the one problem with a tablet computer—the impossibility of touch-typing on its virtual keyboard.

    You can’t touch-type because a virtual keyboard (which is just an image on the tablet’s touch-screen) deprives you of the positioning cues and tactile feedback provided by a “real,” or physical, keyboard.

    A touch-screen is super-sensitive, so it’s impossible... Learn More

  5. Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400

    With a 10-meter wireless range*, built-in multi-touch touchpad and plug-and-play setup, this keyboard delivers lean-back wireless control for your laptop—even when you’re connecting it to your TV.... Learn More
  6. Washable Keyboard K310

    Coffee spills, food crumbs, dust, and grime are no longer issues – this washable keyboard handles it all so employees can stay productive. The K310 can be soaped, soaked in up to 11 inches of water, and rinsed. The convenient drainage holes in back help with easy drying.

    ... Learn More
  7. Cleankeys Keyboard (CK3-15)

    CK3-15 has a smooth surface that’s free of deep grooves and gaps for germs to hide in, Cleankeys really is the world’s easiest keyboard to clean.... Learn More

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