Mouse Utilities

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  1. Dragger

    Dragger is a utility for manipulating the left and right mouse buttons of a standard mouse or mouse emulator, like the HeadMouse Extreme. Dragger can be used to enter mouse clicks by movement and dwell of the on-screen mouse pointer. This dwell selection function is known as AutoClick. When enabled, AutoClick watches the pointer and clicks the left mouse button when the pointer is brought to rest for the programmable dwell time. If the... Learn More
  2. SmartClick

    SmartClick is designed to allow any user that can operate a pointing device (mouse, trackball, serial joystick, headmouse, single switch, etc), but cannot click the pointing device buttons, to have the computer do mouse button functions for them. Double-clicks, right-clicks, drags, and keyboard options are just the beginning. Useful features such as Auto-Repeat (mouse clicks or up/down arrows), Close Window, and Escape key add even... Learn More

  3. SwitchXS

    Scanning Keyboard and Mouse Emulation for Mac

    SwitchXS provides virtually complete access to Mac OS X and all standard Mac applications for people who can only use one or more switches. It offers full mouse and keyboard emulation by means of a scanning mode. With each click on the switch the user selects an action, such as "move the cursor up" or "type B", from a "scanning" menu. SwitchXS is typically used by... Learn More

  4. AT Accessibility Suite

    Now you can get the ultimate set of general purpose, Assistive Technology Pointing Device Enhancement Utilities with no licensing hassles. Single or Multi-site Licensing includes ALL Computers and ANY active student/teacher - including home use! Unlimited Single or Multi-site Licensing with support and annual updates. Simple fee, Simple licensing, powerful tools, no compliance issues!... Learn More
  5. Orbitrack

    This revolutionary new input device allows computer users to control the direction and speed of the cursor with a single, soft touch. Requiring no hand or wrist movement, it represents a significant advance in computer input technology and is suitable for all computer users, particularly young children and those with motor skill difficulties and motor impairment. The Orbitrack uses a control ring to manage cursor movement for precise... Learn More

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