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  1. Dollars and Cents

    Three beautifully illustrated interactive money programs on one money saving CD! Includes the intro level First Money, which identifies money names and values, Spending Money, where the user goes from store to store to buy things on a shopping list, and Making Change, our most advanced money program where the user is a store clerk. All three programs offer both US and Canadian currency options. Win/Mac CD, touch screen, single... Learn More
  2. MathTalk Scientific Notebook v5.5

    MathTalk allows the user to voice any math from prealgebra, algebra, trig, calculus, statistics, thru Ph.D. and graduate level.  This includes voicing graphs!

    Operates Scientific Notebook with over 600,000 combinations of voice commands. Scientific Notebook is powered by MuPad™ and has graphing capabilities. Scientific Notbook will also evaluate, evaluate numerically, factor, combine, expand, simplify, check... Learn More

  3. All About Animals Vol 2: Math & Science Level 1

    All About Animals is a four-volume set of activity books that varies in curriculum content and difficulty levels. Each book contains over 300 pages of activities in 20+ categories. You will find activities like matching, counting, addition, subtraction, writing, phonics, cloze, patterning, fine motor, graphing and more. Unlike other activity books that contain just one or two worksheets to teach or reinforce a concept, All About Animals... Learn More
  4. Money Skills

    Money Skills includes 5 activites that teach counting money and making change:

    • Teaches American, Canadian, European, British or Australian currency
    • Uses clear, realistic pictures of the money
    • Teacher can modify or replace the graphics used in the program.
    • Single and dual-switch scanning options on all difficulty levels.

    Money Skills contains the following... Learn More

  5. Shop 'til You Drop

    Shopping is a great avenue to make choices. Shop til You Drop gives your students a chance to make their own choices. Play the money game, then spend money buying fast food or, better yet, buy clothes with a credit card! Different activities include trying on different clothes for teen girls and boys and changing outfits. A money game also helps with money concepts.

    Student... Learn More

  6. Show Me Math

    Show Me Math is for students who do not understand the basic relationship between computation and concrete representation. The software focuses on the four operations of arithmetic: Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, using no number greater than twenty.

    The instructional module helps students visualize math problems. Users can select answers on the keyboard, or by clicking on a... Learn More

  7. Classroom Suite

    Classroom Suite is a unique software intervention tool that combines direct instruction with a flexible tool environment to help students in grades Pre-K through 5 achieve mastery in reading, writing and math.

    ... Learn More

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