Onscreen Keyboards

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  1. SofType

    SofType is a software utility which replaces the functionality of a standard keyboard with a full featured on-screen keyboard. SofType can be accessed using a mouse or mouse emulator such as the HeadMouse® Extreme. SofType is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. SofType works by generating an image of a keyboard on the computer screen. When a key is selected, the character represented by that key is sent to the... Learn More

  2. AT Accessibility Suite

    Now you can get the ultimate set of general purpose, Assistive Technology Pointing Device Enhancement Utilities with no licensing hassles. Single or Multi-site Licensing includes ALL Computers and ANY active student/teacher - including home use! Unlimited Single or Multi-site Licensing with support and annual updates. Simple fee, Simple licensing, powerful tools, no compliance issues!... Learn More
  3. Onscreen

    OnScreen with Word Complete is the latest version of My-T-Soft AT - the Assistive Technology version of IMG's highly respected My-T-Soft On screen Keyboard Utilities.

    • OnScreen is used by individuals who need an alternative computer access method than the physical keyboard, can use any pointing device or switch, and need an onscreen keyboard as their primary text input device
    • For single switch scannning,... Learn More
  4. REACH Interface Author

    REACH Interface Author is the premier on-screen keyboard!
    Our flagship product has been around since Windows 3.1 and we're constantly improving this already great product.

    REACH is full of tools that can help you access a computer. REACH also can help you socially, by allowing you to express yourself more quickly and accurately through writing or through speech augmentation. In one... Learn More


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