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  1. Dolphin Guide

    Dolphin Guide empowers you to browse webpages, write letters, send emails, scan and listen to documents and much more; and because Dolphin Guide reads out everything aloud, you can never get lost or confused. It's ideal for seniors that have deteriorating sight, are completely blind, or are partially sighted.... Learn More
  2. Dwell Buddy

    DwellBuddy's installation is a snap. In no time, you'll be able to just aim your mouse and DwellBuddy will click for you. DwellBuddy has an intelligent calibration feature that evaluates your steadiness and determines the "right amount" of smoothing to apply to your mouse movements.... Learn More
  3. "Sounds Like" - Spell, Write!

    Do you feel like you are dependent on spell checkers? What do you do if the software you're using doesn't have a built-in spell checker? Is your spelling so bad that spell checkers don't really help? Spelling is difficult for some of us, but it doesn't have to be!

    With "Sounds Like" - Spell, Write! you're able to spell with confidence!

    ... Learn More
  4. REACH Interface Author

    REACH Interface Author is the premier on-screen keyboard!
    Our flagship product has been around since Windows 3.1 and we're constantly improving this already great product.

    REACH is full of tools that can help you access a computer. REACH also can help you socially, by allowing you to express yourself more quickly and accurately through writing or through speech augmentation. In one... Learn More

  5. OneWay

    OneWay, An Intelligent Alternative to Switch Scanning People who have difficulty pointing their mouse often have to resort to scanning. There could be many reasons for this, but some users might be able control particular movements in their finger, hand, wrist, arm, etc., if they could concentrate on just one dimension at a time - for example, moving just left and right. The problems often arise when the user has to simultaneously... Learn More

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