Word Prediction

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  1. AT Accessibility Suite

    Now you can get the ultimate set of general purpose, Assistive Technology Pointing Device Enhancement Utilities with no licensing hassles. Single or Multi-site Licensing includes ALL Computers and ANY active student/teacher - including home use! Unlimited Single or Multi-site Licensing with support and annual updates. Simple fee, Simple licensing, powerful tools, no compliance issues!... Learn More
  2. SoothSayer Word Prediction

    SoothSayer; is our easy-to-use word prediction software that helps you type faster, write and spell better, and listen to what you have written. SoothSayer can help people who are in a variety of situations.

    Our customers are constantly telling us the same thing: "SoothSayer Word Prediction's user interface is so easy to use and its amazing how accurately it predicts!" 

    Well we couldn't agree more. We... Learn More

    As low as: $83.00
  3. WordQ

    Our users include students from primary school to college, CEOs of major corporations, journalists and many more. How they use it is completely personal to their needs. Fortunately,WordQ is flexible enough to adapt to those needs.... Learn More

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