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SmartNAV 4:AT

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Quick Overview

SmartNAV 4: AT (Assistive Technology) which includes dwell software that allows for mouse clicks giving the user true hands free operation of their... More info »

Product Description

SmartNAV 4:AT (Assistive Technology), which includes dwell software that allows for mouse clicks giving the user true hands free operation of their computer.

How SmartNAV works

SmartNav uses an infrared (IR) camera to track your head movements. You reflect IR light back to the SmartNav, which sends instructions to your computer to move your mouse cursor.

How is my head movement tracked?

SmartNav tracks reflections from a tiny dot, which you can place anywhere.

Place our paper thin tiny reflective dot on the part of your body you'd like to control the cursor with. Preferred options include:

  • Head

  • Hand

  • Hat

  • Glasses

  • Mic Boom

Where do I put the SmartNAV?

SmartNav mounts on top of your monitor, laptop or communication device facing you. SmartNav can also be threaded onto a mini tripod and sit next to your computer. The device can be placed anywhere as long as it can see the reflective accessory you've chosen to wear.

How much do I Move?

Less than an inch of head movement is more than enough to move the cursor across your entire screen. This is also adjustable in the software SPEED settings. SmartNav has a 45 degree Field of View (FOV), and usually sits about 2 feet away from your head. Thus you have almost two feet of free "head space" in which to move that simple inch.

How do I click?

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  • Manufacturer SKUSN4-AT
    NotesWindows Compatible, USB
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