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  • Finding a voice for Eva

    Below is an article that a friend's wife wrote about their daughter. It's an amazing story about an amazing family.

    Finding a voice for Eva

    In a world of texting, tweeting and emailing, a woman with cerebral palsy can communicate despite being unable to speak.,0,4064272.story

  • USDA TARGET Center 20th Anniversary Celebration & Training Conference

    USDA TARGET Center 20thAnniversary Celebration & Training Conference

    Date: Thursday, September 13, 2012

    The TARGET Center 20thAnniversary is a significant and rewarding milestone for USDA. Since 1992, TARGET Center has witnessed the incredible, rapid advancement of technology for individuals with disabilities. The TARGET Center’s role in providing this technology to the workforce for the past two decades has assisted thousands of individuals with disabilities to further contribute to the mission of the Department. This includes facilitating 1,700 accomodation requests through the Department of Defense Computer/Electronic Accomodations Program from FY 2002 - FY 2011 and providing over 45,000 services to customers at USDA, across the Federal Government, and as the Wasington, DC Microsoft Accessibility Resource Center over the past two decades.

    TARGET services have impacted the lives of individuals with disabilities through technology, support of management, collaboration of partners, and the development of meaningful relationships with customers. Join us in celebrating twenty years of synergy through people, service, and technology.

  • Blind Violinist Finds Faith

    One of our favorite clients making the news.

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