ATTENTION BAT Keyboard Owners!

Did you know if you have an old PS2 BAT keyboard that you can upgrade to a new BAT USB that is compatible with Windows, Mac and all USB computers for 50% off the normal price? Just email [email protected] with your old serial number and we will send you a coupon for 50% a new BAT.

5 thoughts on “ATTENTION BAT Keyboard Owners! ”

  • Kay Gottschamer July 23, 2012 at 4:20 pm

    i'd like the 50% off coupon

    sn: 02L04094

  • i have 3 I use 1 on my laptop 1 at friends 1 at home can I afford to purchase 3? I love them and i became quite good and fast with my right handed ones. I no longer can work due to my limited use of my left hand and rely hevely on my right hand and my B.A.T. keyboards so I ask is
    the new ones afordable? I can do without 2 of them would there be any allowance for return of 3 to get 1 new one? It never hurts to ask!

    I lost all e-mails last 2 weeks so if you replyed to my last one I am sorry I did not get it. your keyboards are the greatest item for handicapped people. I hope everyone with a injured or missing limb knows that your company exists, also the many other fine products you have to offer for the disabled. I hope the US Military is aware, I seen pictures of loos limbs/hands, so I hope someone is showing them your [life-saving] products. I would be proud as a Veteran to show any and all how easy an d helpful it is. I am very much in helping our Military Persons.
    I don't know how to go about it but if I can show or teach our fine wounded persons how to use a b.a.t. I would. Maybe we could start a program? Let me know your thoughts. I am being very sincere.

    tom unger

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