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    The Exchange is a free service of the AT Network for consumers and caregivers in California. Here you will find new and used gadgets and devices (assistive technologies) that empower independence.

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    See what is available at any of 13 centers in California that make short term loans of assistive devices for people with temporary needs or so you can try out devices to see which work best for you.

    Can't find what you need? Call the AT Network, toll free at 800-390-2699 and speak with an information and referral specialist who can help you find the right solutions for your functional needs.

  • 2012 AT Expo: Technology for Living & Learning

    AT Expo: Technology for Living & Learning

    June 3, 2012

    The Conference Center at Adams 12

    1500 East 128th Avenue

    Thornton, Colorado

  • TATN (Texas Assistive Technology Network)

    Please come by and see Infogrip at the Texas Assistive Technology Network statewide conference.

    June 12–14, 2 012

    Region 4 Education Service Center
    7145 West Tidwell Road, Houston, Texas 77092

  • One Happy Mother (BAT Keyboard Testimonial)

    Dear Vice-President of Infogrip Aaron Gaston:

    I am writing this letter to let you known about our experiences with the Infogrip BAT. My daughter, Cristin, suffered from a stroke after each of the polio vaccines were administered back in 1980. Consequently, she developed right hemi-paresis. When it came time for her to use a computer, we looked all over for a single-handed keyboard. One of Cristin's therapists suggested we try the BAT by Infogrip. So we purchased our first one in about 1992. I sincerely believe it was the best decision I’ve ever made. During that period if time, Cristin had an IEP in place, so the school district had to work out something with installing the BAT. Back then, since the BAT wasn't plug-and-play, it was more difficult to install it on every computer Cristin used at school. But, I had it written in her IEP, so the district had to find a way. Fortunately, her high school ear-marked one computer for her exclusive use.  So she passed her keyboarding and computer skills classes. She was also allowed to return to the computer lab to work on any of her English Literature, journalism, and yearbook class assignments whenever she needed to do so. The plan worked, and she became proficient on the BAT. During the next 10 years, we purchased 3 more BATs. That way we had two at home, (one for the PC and one for the Mac) and other one when she wore her first one out. She has been using them ever since. Meanwhile, the other students in her classrooms were fascinated by her BAT, and she actually gained a great deal of popularity and notoriety through her BAT skills!

    Cristin enrolled at San Marcos State University upon the completion of her AA at Palomar Community College. After her first semester, she was told she needed to take a computer class, and she couldn't continue at San Marcos until she passed the test. When she brought her BAT to the college for the professor to set up, he couldn't be bothered with trying to figure out how to install it on his computer network. I wrote a letter to the University, but got nowhere with them, since Cristin didn't have an IEP now. Eventually, Cristin grew disenchanted with the hassle and the poor treatment she received at San Marcos State.  She dropped out in about 2003. She has been employed as preschool teaching assistant since that time.

    Last June, I retired after 40 years as a primary school teacher with Poway Unified. With more time on my hands, I finally was able to convince Cristin to finish her degree at National University, with a promise to help her with her typing issues.  Fortunately, I had received an email from Infogrip extolling the virtues of the new Plug and Play BAT. I thought that it would be just what Cristin needed to be successful at National. She has almost completed her third class now, and has straight A's on all of her assignments. And I haven’t had to type any of them! I thank God for that BAT every single day! Her college work load is tremendous. On average, she has had to write 25 typed pages each week since September. She wouldn't have made it without her BAT. Cristin is absolutely thrilled with it and so am I.

    A few weeks ago, when I asked what she wanted for Christmas, she said another BAT. Actually, she'd like one for working on at the preschool, one for her home, and also one for my home, (she types a lot over at my house since her roommates bother her when she is working on her papers).  I usually spend about a hundred dollars on her at Christmas time, so I thought it would be a great idea to buy one more. We realize that they’re so portable that she really doesn't need one at each place, but she likes to stop by my house after school. She often forgets to bring her BAT with her. So she has to travel 30 miles round trip to retrieve it. Hence, she wants at least one more BAT.

    Cristin is 31 now, and she should finish her degree by Jan 2011. She had already put her sights on a master’s degree in Speech Therapy. I really have Infogrip and the BAT to thank for her renewed positive attitude, and the confidence she has gained in her skills. Thank you so much for everything, you’ve certainly made a believer out of me.

    Kind regards,

    Jeanie Coppotelli (one happy mother)

  • iste (International Society for Technology in Education)

    iste (International Society for Technology in Education)

    San Diego Convention Center

    June 24-27, 2012

    Booth #2850

  • isaac (International Society for Augmentative & Alternative Communication)

    isaac (International Society for Augmentative & Alternative Communication)

    July 30 - August 2, 2012

    David L. Lawrence Convention Center

    Pittsburgh, PA

    Booth #214

  • Does Infogrip have financing available?

    We get this question all of the time. The answer is yes. To finance an item simply shop on our website and check out using PayPal. PayPal offers their Bill Me Later service and its a great way to purchase the Infogrip products you need today and pay for them later. Click here for more Bill Me Later information.

  • CSUN International Technology & Persons with Disabilities Conference

    The 2012 CSUN Conference is held in San Diego, CA between February 27- March 3, 2012 at the Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel.

  • ATIA (Assistive Technology Industry Association) Conference

    Come see us in Orlando at the ATIA Conference.

    January 25 – January 28, 2012

    Caribe Royale All-Suites
    Resort & Convention Center
    Orlando, Florida USA

  • BAT User Quote of the Day!

    By my eagerness to purchase yet another BAT, (which I ordered today) it should be most obvious that I am pleased with the prototype, I purchased from you. More than pleased, actually! It works perfectly, & is a terrific aid to the handicapped. I only have use of my right arm and without this keyboard, I could not withstand the tremendous amount of keying I do daily. I am a web developer. I thank you, your company & whoever is responsible for inventing this marvelous keyboard.

    Tom Smith

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