Onyx Deskset: Reset and Changing the Battery

Here is a quick technical tip that might be helpful if you use a Freedom Scientific Onyx Deskset. At some point you might need to change the battery or do a quick reset on your Onyx Deskset.

Here's how:

First you will need to slightly unbend a small paperclip, then look on the camera near the Serial Number, you should find a slight/small hole opening. . .

Keeping the Onyx power ON
Pop out a battery from the remote --- Keep this very close !!
Take the slightly unbent paperclip and ever so slightly push it into the small opening on the camera.
You ONLY have about 5 to 7 seconds, so QUICKLY reinsert the battery to the remote and this should reset the Onyx.
--- If this doesn't reset then call Freedom Scientific Tech Support at: 727-803-8600 ---

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