• Does the new BAT USB have Macro Capabilities?

    The new BAT USB does not have built in macro capabilities like the old BAT. Very few of our users used this feature and we needed the keystrokes that the old macros used for some of the new feature in the BAT USB.

    We also made the decision to eliminate macros because many of todays common software programs such as MS Word have macro capabilities built in. We also recommend and other sites which have excellent macro tools that can be used with any keyboard including the BAT.

  • What Is A Switch?

    Here is a question that all of us get quite a bit here at Infogrip. What is a switch and what does a switch do? Well, the actual term is Adaptive Switch and it is a hardware device that allows a user with little motor control operate a computer or other electrical device. Basically switches come in all different shapes and sizes and are designed this way to allow people with disabilities to access them using different methods, ie. head, knee, foot or even the blink of an eye. A switch by itself does nothing. Think of it as having a light switch in your home not connected to anything. You can flip the light switch on and off but until you connect your light fixture to it nothing happens. An adpative switch is just like a light switch, it goes on or off. If you plug an adaptive switch into a switch interface the possibilities are endless. Our users operate their entire computer with a single switch and many of them control their environment with a switch by plugging a switch into an environmental control unit. They can open doors, answer the phone, change the TV channel, etc. Have you ever press the button at the entrace of the mall with the picture of a wheelchair on it to open the door? This is a switch connected to an environmental control (the automatic door). Anyway take a look at our website and you will see a whole section dedicated to switches.

  • Onyx Deskset: Reset and Changing the Battery

    Here is a quick technical tip that might be helpful if you use a Freedom Scientific Onyx Deskset. At some point you might need to change the battery or do a quick reset on your Onyx Deskset.

    Here's how:

    First you will need to slightly unbend a small paperclip, then look on the camera near the Serial Number, you should find a slight/small hole opening. . .

    Keeping the Onyx power ON
    Pop out a battery from the remote --- Keep this very close !!
    Take the slightly unbent paperclip and ever so slightly push it into the small opening on the camera.
    You ONLY have about 5 to 7 seconds, so QUICKLY reinsert the battery to the remote and this should reset the Onyx.
    --- If this doesn't reset then call Freedom Scientific Tech Support at: 727-803-8600 ---

  • See you in Florida!

    Liza and myself will be manning the Infogrip trade show booth at the 10th annual ATIA conference in Orlando, FL. The show is from January 28th to the 31st. We are in booth 819. If you are planning on attending come by and say hi!......Thanks Aaron

    For more information on the conference click here this link or the logo above.

  • Choosing Your Connector Type

    I know I shouldn't even have to put this up here but I can't tell you how many times we get this question or used to get this question. Liza and I a long time ago started printing in our catalog pictures of computer connection types. Now with the popularity of USB we don't get asked about connection types all that often any more but it used to be a daily occurrence. So just in case here they are.

  • BAT Tech Issues

    Most of our tech issues with the BAT keyboard all come down to the same basic couple of resolutions. So if you are having BAT trouble try one or all of the following:

    1. While your BAT is unplugged take off the back cover and look to see if your BAT has a battery. It is a flat round lithium battery that looks like a watch battery but is about the size of a quarter ($.25 U.S.). If you find the battery in your BAT take it out. You don't need it and it can cause problems.

    2. Do a hard reset on your BAT. While your BAT is plugged into your computer press and hold all three thumb keys until all three lights come on and stay on. Release the three thumb keys and then press and release the index finger key (its the one above the red thumb key, its also the letter "i"). Next shut your computer down. Not a restart but completely turn your system off. Wait about 30 seconds and turn it back on.

    3. If you have the BAT plugged into a USB hub or KVM switch unplug it and plug it directly into the computer.

    By doing the two very simple things above you can solve 99.9% of all BAT issues.

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