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  • Save Over $500 on TrackerPro Bundle

    Here is an unbelievable deal that we were just told about and you heard about it first on the Infogrip blog. The deal is simple purchase a TrackerPro and receive ScreenDoors and MagicCursor free. That is a saving of $490.

    I guess this is Madentec's version of a stimulus package. To sweeten the deal even more Infogrip is going to drop the price of the TrackerPro by an additional $20 plus through in free shipping.

    That's a total savings of $560. Hurry it won't last!

  • 25% Off Compass Assessment Software

    Each week in February we are offering an extraordinary deal on some of our extraordinary products. Be sure to check back each week or subscribe to our blog to see what's next.

    This week get Compass Assessment Software for only $134. That's 25% off the normal retail price of $179.

    Just click here to get this Sweet Deal.

    Compass software is a functional assessment tool for clinical, educational, and vocational professionals who perform computer access and augmentative communication evaluations. Using eight skill tests in three input device domains (pointing, text entry, and switch use), Compass records data on the speed and accuracy of user actions. The software then generates a report summarizing results of the test for the practitioner to evaluate. Clinicians have agreed that Compass is easy, increases evaluation efficiency and accuracy, and is an extremely beneficial supplement to subjective evaluation.

  • Sweet Deal February 6th - 12th

    Each week in February we are offering an extraordinary deal on some of our extraordinary products. Be sure to check back each week or subscribe to our blog to see what's next.

    This week get our famous BIGtrack trackball for only $59. That's $20 off retail and to sweeten the deal even more we're offering our PointSmart software for only $20 extra. One of our customers said "PointSmart is like a mouse driver on steroids" we kind of like that description so we're sticking to it.

    To get either the BIGtrack for $59 or the BIGtrack and PointSmart together for $79 just click here.

  • See you in Florida!

    Liza and myself will be manning the Infogrip trade show booth at the 10th annual ATIA conference in Orlando, FL. The show is from January 28th to the 31st. We are in booth 819. If you are planning on attending come by and say hi!......Thanks Aaron

    For more information on the conference click here this link or the logo above.

  • Choosing Your Connector Type

    I know I shouldn't even have to put this up here but I can't tell you how many times we get this question or used to get this question. Liza and I a long time ago started printing in our catalog pictures of computer connection types. Now with the popularity of USB we don't get asked about connection types all that often any more but it used to be a daily occurrence. So just in case here they are.

  • BAT Tech Issues

    Most of our tech issues with the BAT keyboard all come down to the same basic couple of resolutions. So if you are having BAT trouble try one or all of the following:

    1. While your BAT is unplugged take off the back cover and look to see if your BAT has a battery. It is a flat round lithium battery that looks like a watch battery but is about the size of a quarter ($.25 U.S.). If you find the battery in your BAT take it out. You don't need it and it can cause problems.

    2. Do a hard reset on your BAT. While your BAT is plugged into your computer press and hold all three thumb keys until all three lights come on and stay on. Release the three thumb keys and then press and release the index finger key (its the one above the red thumb key, its also the letter "i"). Next shut your computer down. Not a restart but completely turn your system off. Wait about 30 seconds and turn it back on.

    3. If you have the BAT plugged into a USB hub or KVM switch unplug it and plug it directly into the computer.

    By doing the two very simple things above you can solve 99.9% of all BAT issues.

  • Our Number One


    Often people ask what our number one selling product is. By far the BIGtrack takes first place. Mostly because it can be used by so many people with so many different abilities.

    Young children from around 2 to 5 years old should all be using it because these kids haven't developed their fine motor control, which is what it takes to operate a standard mouse. Since the BIGtrack has such a large ball people of all ages with poor motor control can operate it. We even have users using it with their feet. We have a list of dealers at Or just call us if you have questions.

    Click here to purchase the BIGTrack Trackball

  • Holiday Hours

    Infogrip closes every year between Christmas and New Years. This year is no exception and we will be back in the office on the January 5th. If you have questions during that time please send us an email. We all will be checking our email during this time.

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